It’s a community thing….requests, recycling…
September 2020

We Crackpots frequently get suggestions, or requests for pieces on the trail, which has given birth to the eastern yellow robin, wombat, and steam train - to name a few. Chatting over a Chai with Vik from Coffee Chakra, there came a request for ‘something on the pole’……. ‘perhaps an umbrella’.

Using a rich ‘palette’ of recycled treasures gifted from our community (such as chipped crockery and tiles salvaged from the old Hospital Op Shop renovation), this piece evolved during COVID19 second lockdown. The work became an opportunity to create a ‘mini celebration’ of our increasingly multiculturally diverse community. As always we want you to take that ‘second look’ …What significant colours are in the bunting? Is that what I think her hair is? What flags are in the umbrellas? As Chai lovers -Which is the Chai cup?

From little things big things grow...
July 2020

This project will bring to life a large scale mosaic work on a prominent building in town, with the theme “Love the Life”®. A multi-stemmed river red gum tree will be embedded with images of what our community loves about their town and surrounds, and create another addition to the Myrtleford Mosaic Trail 

We are commencing the design phase of the overall work and are currently asking our Myrtleford community, what do you love about your town?

This project, auspiced by the Myrtleford Chamber of Commerce, has received funding from The Australian Government’s Regional Arts Fund, through Regional Arts Australia, administered in Victoria by Regional Arts Victoria.

Let's Play!
May 2020

This, our first large single piece, is sure to bring back childhood memories, and we hope make lots of new ones for folks. Time for the Crackpots to learn more about technique in large scale works, and hone our 'precision' skills.

This work will keep us out of mischief during COVID19 times, and has been made possible with a grant from the 'Into Our Hands Foundation' and the support of Myrtleford Chamber of Commerce and Industry and the Alpine Shire. Due for completion in December 2020 here's a sneaky, snake preview.

Up,up and away...
January 2020

What does one do with all those donated chipped or broken cups and plates? Not that we are complaining - we love to reuse and recycle! First there was one, then two, and now five. This work was installed during the height of the 2019 bushfires, under the cover of smoke. Look carefully at these fivehot air balloons and you never know what you might see! There are plans to add to the landscape...

In the she sheds
April 2019

Things on the trail were ticking along with more pieces gradually appearing. Not content to plod along #Crackpot 1 threw out the challenge to #Crackpot 2 saying "we need some minis" - ten, and they must fit in the palm of our hand. You will find these hidden around Rotary Park. Still on her 'mini bandwagon', Crackpot #1 appeared paper in hand complete with instructions for baby trout.  All these honed our skills, especially our fine motor skills using tweezers! Meanwhile Crackpot #2 began to embrace a bit of 'bling' including mirror in each of her mini fish!

If you are a local you might spot some of your old crockery among the mini fish, or indeed other works under the bridge, or on the trail. Using crockery expands the range of possibilities available for pattern and texture within a work.

1t Started With A Fish...
January 2019

Did you know that the very first guerilla mosaic occurred when this little fish was placed under a bridge? Crackpot 1 stated: "we're going to fill the whole wall with fish" much to the horror of Crackpot 2, who was placing a sneaky little Pokemon mosaic nearby, with heart thumping, all the while looking over her shoulder. Since then many fish, and a host of other creatures, have appeared, including those made by willingly co-opted family members, friends and fellow mosaic makers. It continues to evolve...

" The earth without art is just 'eh' "