Set in the beautiful Ovens Valley, Myrtleford is a hidden gem you will want to explore further.  From Reform Hill to Lake Buffalo, and everywhere in between you will find little surprises, delicious food and wine - and friendly people.

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Murray to Mountains Victoria's High Country


We have been blown away by the support of so many people on this creative journey so far. Our grateful thanks to

  • Our families, friends and the Myrtleford Community, for ongoing support and encouragement to pursue our mosaic passion.
  • Myrtleford Lions Club who blindly put their faith in two nameless women in the early days of the trail.
  • Myrtleford Visitor Information Centre (and Carly for her ideas and support in letting people know about the trail).
  • Myrtleford Chamber of Commerce who backed us when we had an idea, enabling us to apply for grants for larger works.
  • Alpine Shire and its staff on the ground (who move not mountains, but rocks for us!).
  • Into Our Hands Foundation for our first ever grant, enabling 'Snakes and Ladders' to start to become a reality.
  • Our local Op Shops and Myrtleford Tip - Myrt' Op Shop PACS. Inc (Supporting Regional Talent), Myrtleford Hospital Op Shop (Supporting Alpine Health Myrtleford), and Roundabout Op Shop, who all help us recycle unwanted crockery and tiles.
  • We have also been in the 'right place' at the 'right time' on occasions, or had supporters point us in the direction of discarded samples from tile shops. Perini and North East Tiles in particular, were very generous in this regard.
  • Mapei Australia and Paul Buckley for product support and amazing advice, especially for our Love The Life Tree.
  • Myrtleford Rotary Club for financing the Snakes and Ladders spinner.
  • Andrew R Jones Photography, and Crackpot family members for the beautiful images we have to share with you here
  • And Tristan who set up this website while teaching an 'old girl' new tricks!

This yellow-breasted robin has flown to a new location - can you find where he has gone?

Like all good street art,The Myrtleford Mosaic Trail continues to change and evolve...make sure you come back again soon!

" Great things are done by a series of small things brought together "